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Inside Netflix’s Amanda Knox: ‘She was cast as a she

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Netflix’s ‘Amanda Knox’: Pervert or Party Girl?

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Knox topless amanda Amanda Knox

Crimesider: A timeline of the Amanda Knox case

October 3, 2011 - The appeals court overturns both Knox and Sollecito's murder convictions.

  • Nothing in the world — not the people I cared about most, and certainly not the threat of further punishment for a crime I did not commit — could induce me to change my mind.

  • Knox, who became dubbed by the press 'Foxy Knoxy', and Sollecito were convicted of her murder and spent four years behind bars in Italy before they were acquitted on appeal in 2011.


One woman was pictured in a 1920s flapper style dress and headband, while another seemed to be channeling the 18th-century French Revolution-era finery, donning a wig, coat and breeches.

  • She was naked but for a T-shirt, covered in cuts and bruises, her neck cut so deep her head was almost severed from her body.

  • Beyond that, little else is known of Meredith.