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Here is who i thought had done it, in chronological order. Who was on your suspect list? : MareofEasttown

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Reddit erin ross Mare of

Mare of Easttown Theory: Who REALLY Killed Erin (Not Billy)

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Reddit erin ross Mare Of

Mare of Easttown Finale Fan Theory Says John Ross Killed Erin Not Billy

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Did Billy and John Ross Kill Erin? Who is the Killer in Mare of Easttown? Theories

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Mare of Easttown Theory: Who REALLY Killed Erin (Not Billy)

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Stephen King guess: Ryan Ross killed Erin. Politely disagree? : MareofEasttown

No X-Ray vision here—for our purposes, we're just going to look at the evidence explicitly presented throughout the course of the show's six episodes to this point, right up to the last few moments of the penultimate episode.

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